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I share the workshop where I create my jewels with my mother, Daniela Vettori.

Our atelier, which specialises in the creation of artistic jewellery and is named after her, is one of the few remaining small craftwork enterprises in which the manufacturing of jewels is still an entirely manual process, from the design stage to the finishing processes.

This is where I acquired my initial experience in this art and craft. It is the place where I received my initial training as an artisan goldsmith when I returned to Vicenza after the years I spent attending university in Rome.

The workshop may be visited on Saturday mornings after a booking has been made. These ‘open-day’ visits are moments when guests can enjoy a Breakfast at Daniela Vettori’s … and this may remind those attending the sessions of a famous film that was set in New York City.

We open the doors of the workshop at ten o’clock in the morning and Margherita will be there to welcome you.

Through a series of practical demonstrations visitors will learn how our jewels are created, from the metal-casting phase to their modelling with old, traditional craftwork tools.

We then provide a brief overview of the history of the local jewellery craft and trade to clarify why Vicenza is known as the ‘golden city’.

Following this ‘serving’ of experiences and information, which will last about forty minutes, our guests will be accompanied to our jewellery workshop and outlet situated in one of the original mediaeval buildings beneath the Basilica Palladiana in the heart of the city of Vicenza.

At this point our guests are offered a small breakfast, during which they will be able to taste some local sweet specialities. Finally, they will be introduced to Daniela Vettori, the founder of the jewellery atelier, with whom they may exchange a few words and satisfy any further curiosity they may have concerning the world of handcrafted jewellery.

To book your visit call us on +39.0444.323855 or send an e-mail message to:

Fees for visitors: Adults: € 25, Children: € 10. Discounts available for small groups.

Laboratorio daniela vettori e magal