Custom design for Tony: his personal lightning

With Tony, just a few words were enough to understand him…

When he asked my why I wore a mala di rudaskra (a sort of Buddhist “rosary” composed of Indian seeds) and I told him the story of how this necklace represented my experience at the Buddhist monastery of Pomaia, he lit up:

“For me too, everything that I wear has a meaning tied to my path in life!”

“Really?! Did you know that this is my work? I transform concepts and symbols into pieces of jewelry to wear…”
“I can’t believe it, I just had a project in mind for a pendant…”

And so he began to tell me about his unique relationship with lightning:

“Lightning is one of the most spectacular, powerful, and at the same time short-lived manifestations of power in nature.

It represents my yang: passion, impulse, enthusiasm, intuition, the creative spark!

I feel akin to this force because, just as the electric potential between the earth and sky is always growing up until the moment when the lightning erupts, so grows my desire for new things, my desire for wonder and amazement, until the moment in which this desire is made concrete in an experience that, like a “lightning bolt released from time,” lights me up.

For an hour, a day, a year… then it runs out, but almost always leaving a trail behind itself… enriching me as a person.”

Conversations like this touch the heart through the vitality that they transmit. I sculpted Tony’s lightning in wax, with a hot brush, seeking to make it just as he had wished it.

So that it would help him to never lose this explosive energy in confronting life.

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