Rune necklace with lapis lazuli

Necklace of lapis lazuli stones with a closure created by the union of two runes: Ansuz represents interior communication and a deep affirmation of self, and Teiwaz represents the action of justice. A unique piece no longer available or replicable with similar stones. Earrings with the rune Teiwaz.
This model can be personalized both with your choice of stones as well as the runes used for the closure. For more information or a free estimate:


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Necklace of lapis lazuli stones with sterling silver closure worked by hand using fire and hammer.

Earrings in sterling silver worked with fire and hammer, with lapis lazuli stones.

Dimensions: necklace closure, 6.0 cm long x 3.0 cm wide (2.3 in x 1.2 in); length of the strand may be personalized.


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