Fare e disfare ring “to make and take apart”

The Fluo Line is inspired by the concept of “nomadic sculpture” by artist Sante Monachesi (1910-1991), a type of sculpture  that may be put together and taken apart  based on the needs and wishes of the consumer, who also becomes creator.

With the same concept in mind, this ring is dedicated to developing the creativity of its wearer, who can enjoy transforming the shape and color and thereby rediscover the joy of feeling like a child again.

Choose your own color and have fun exploring the different possibilities for wearing this piece.


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Ring with sterling silver component worked by hand using mixed techniques, available in two sizes: small and large. The correct size will allow you to twist the band around the structure.


1 – Choose the color of band that you prefer.

2 – Twist the band around the silver structure, giving free expression to your creativity.

3 – When you feel like a change, untie the band, change the color if you want to, and start again from step 1.

Available colors: dark blue, light blue, violet, pink, and green.


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