The Algiz rune is often confused with the peace symbol, but in reality it is graphically speaking its reverse. Furthermore, while the peace symbol was born in recent times (1958), this Rune was already present in the runic alphabet from which the German language derived.

Algiz resembles a tree or a man stylized with arms spread out towards the sky. Its meaning is tied to spiritual elevation, listening to our higher self in the creation of our own personal and inviolable sacred space.

Sacred personal space includes respect for ourselves, for our inviolable ethic principles, and also for the space where we cultivate our relationship with the divine, not considering our religious faith.
From our sacred space we are able to interact with other persons in a balanced way because we are conscious of our own power and are able to approach the other with love while also rendering them unable to wound us deeply because we are conscious of the fact that our soul is inviolable.

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