Silvia’s Amulet

Silvia was looking for her very own amulet “post-it” to attach to herself as a constant reminder of that which she was directing her life toward: self-fulfillment.


14699972_10154111073608235_1907704857_nThe design sent to me by Silvia.

I sent her several suggestions, all the symbols that I felt would serve to recall her goal: from runes of strength and enterprise to graphic representations of the third chakra, which is associated with will-power and action.

I advised her to take some time to meditate on everything and then tell me what felt right for her… After one week she wrote to me – “I feel this” – sending me the image of a rectangle with two concentric circles, totally outside of my suggestions.
Alright, if this is what you feel, this is what we will make.”

Drawing of the design of the amulet


Once again, I received confirmation that when one speaks of symbols it is a very subjective matter. As Alejandro Jodorowsky wrote: “A symbol does not offer a precise concept, but rather acts as a mirror which reflects the researcher’s level of Consciousness.”



It is as though the pendant worn by Silvia were repeating to her and to her alone a silent mantra which, through its vibrations, reminds her of the aspiration for which she created it:


I honor the force that is within me.

The fire that is in me burns away all blocks and fears.

I bring tasks to a finish easily and without effort.

I can do everything that I wish to do.”


And it was truly with fire that I worked the silver to create the circles for Silvia, shaping them by hand and beating them in a variety of ways to highlight their uniqueness, so that Silvia might be reflected in them.

A phase in working the pendant.

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