Halloween with Magal: The deeper meaning of the shaman collection

For the theme of Halloween and All Souls’ Day I am writing a few lines on the meaning of the skull and bone necklace and earrings which I created for the Shaman Line.

A means of finding my essence

To tell the truth, I am not a big fan of the macabre and my entrance into this type of symbology took place in a phase of my life when I found it necessary to return to and reconnect with my essential being, in order to make changes in harmony with my deeper self.

At this point I began to take interest in the skeleton as the structure that carries our body and the part of us which remains a long time after death.

Taking time to immerse myself more thoroughly in this idea, I went to visit the Church of the Capuchins in Rome, located on Via Veneto, which contains true works of art (and interior decoration, in a certain sense) constructed using the bones and skulls of past friars.

I recommend that you visit it if you every find yourself in that area!

From my research I deduced that in the various religious traditions bones and skulls are generally believed to have spiritual and protective value.

The belief that the soul resides in the bones is very ancient.

The Catholic tradition for example calls for the construction of reliquaries to conserve the bones of saints, and in Buddhism we find a similar practice in the construction of stupa or monuments for the purpose of watching over and venerating the remains of past Lamas.

Going even further back in time, we find the Shamans, medicine men and witch doctors who wore necklaces made of bones and skulls during rituals in order to summon the force of the ancestors and reconnect to the divine part of man.

Fairytales, and the greatest taboo of the past and present

While reading a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes I also discovered a mythical feminine figure, the Bone Woman, who appears in fairytales and fables from all over the world. She has many names: la Huesera, la Trapera, the Harvester, la Loba

Her unique occupation is harvesting the bones of animals. Her cave is full of bones from a variety of creatures, but in particular she conserves and reconstructs the skeletons of wolves in order to bring them back to life.

We tell fairytales to help us exorcise the fear and taboo surrounding death, and to open ourselves to receiving it as a form of transformation and rebirth… all this through the symbology of bone.

Perhaps I have dwelled on this a bit too long… but I invite you, when you wear a necklace or earrings of skulls and bones, to see them with new eyes, to let yourself be inspired by la Loba… and to perceive that which emanates from these ancestral symbols: the indestructible vital force that is tied to the Soul.

Have you already seen my Shaman Line?

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