Wearing symbolic jewelry is a very personal thing. Most of the time we see a particular piece and it calls out to us.


But other times we feel compelled to create a unique and irreplicable sign that we can carry with us and wear close to our hearts, to signify a special relationship or commemorate a momentous change in life.


Clients frequently ask me to make personalized symbols for them, and I am always deeply moved by the stories behind their requests. I share some of these stories on my blog to illustrate the magic created by a piece of jewelry that is “felt” into being in this way: charged with spiritual meaning, it becomes a bridge between the tangible and the invisible.


There are so many touching family stories, like the daughter who was moving abroad, and whose family, with a symbolic jewel made especially for her, tied themselves close to her in an embrace of both protection and freedom in the same moment.


Recently, Silvia wrote to me these enchanting words, which I share with you, about what she believes symbolic jewelry can mean for all of us who are going through life together:


“I always think of the amulet as a sort of ‘post-it’ note to be attached as a reminder, telling me: remember that you are moving toward that which you desire.”


Do you have a personal symbol that you would like to create?

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