About me

In the native language of the inhabitants of Senegal, MAGAL signifies the act of paying homage to all that is sacred in life. It is celebrated by the people as a group, to remember their origins, to strengthen their roots, and to celebrate the cyclical nature of life.

I chose the name MAGAL because it captures the spirit with which I create my jewelry, while also serving as an acronym for my name: Margherita Galla.
I like to think that a piece of jewelry is not simply an ornament but also a symbol that reminds each of us of the inner strength we carry, that helps us to allow our hidden qualities to blossom, and that invites us in every moment to make the best of every circumstance in life.

Margherita Galla Gioielli fatti a mano Magal

I share the studio where I create my jewelry with my mother, Daniela Vettori. Located in the center of Vicenza, this artisanal goldsmith’s workshop, which takes its name from her, is one of the few remaining where jewelry is still created entirely by hand, from design phase to final product.

As a child I explored this world with curiosity, watching the craftsmen work with the fire, and playing with everything I could get my hands on, but I never imagined that one day I would follow in the footsteps of my mother.  

I spent my adolescence in Vicenza, where I was a punk singer and graduated from the city’s Liceo Classico (liberal arts high school).

But for me this was not enough.

I moved to Rome and there developed my passion for Theater and Cultural Anthropology, earning my university degree in Sapienza in Scienze Umanistiche (Humanitistic Studies).

But I had a feeling inside that I had not yet found what I really wanted.

So, I returned to where everything had started for me and began to work my way up in the artisanal workshop of my family.  

From the very beginning, I wanted to create jewelry with a deep underlying connection.

My mother smiled, said nothing, and opened the door to me.
Under her close guidance, and thanks to her experience, I created over time my own line of jewelry.

Each piece is created entirely by hand by me in our studio and comes accompanied by a message that tells the story and the meaning of the symbols that it represents. The metal I prefer to work with is Sterling Silver in its natural form with no galvanic surface treatments.


I love the lunar shine that this metal possesses, along with the fact that it is historically linked to the territory where I work. In fact, silver is extracted from the old Scledensi Mines located in the province of Vicenza, which has supplied the goldsmiths of the city since antiquity.
From the moment I began this work, my clients have been my greatest teachers. Every one of their requests and observations have stimulated me toward personal growth. I have come to understand that to create symbolic jewelry means not only tapping into archetypal and universal meanings, but also being able to interpret and realize the wishes of unique individuals.